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The Newberry Building
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150 North Main Street
Pocatello, Idaho

DIRECTIONS: Located in Downtown Pocatello. Watch for Signs.


buildingBuilding is set-up for video conferencing and interactive two-way conferencing. High Speed Internet connections, AV equipment, three LCD projectors, two Surround Sound Presentation rooms that work great for Movies.

The building has hosted events such as banquets, company parties, weddings, wedding receptions, family gatherings, family reunions, training classes, dispute resolutions, receptions, meetings, monthly and weekly presentations, political meetings, musical recitals, children's parties, birthday parties, indoor picnics, thanksgiving dinners, auctions, gamer LAN parties, movie nights, youth group parties, civic organizational meetings, ROTARY Club meetings, Toastmasters Meetings, network marketing events, and more.

Thursday, June 8
7:00 p.m. (MST)

(will be held in main conference room)


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buildingThe Historic Newberry Building is located in Downtown Pocatello and is easy to get to from any location (for directions click here). The Newberry Building was most recently purchased late in 2003 and the current owners began a complete renovation in 2004. The main floor was completed in April and the first of several new occupants moved in. The upstairs was later completed in August of that same year.

The Newberry Building has received several Awards for its design and improvements that it has made. It received the "Historic Old Town Rehabilitation Award" in 2004, the "Pocatello Historic Preservation Award" as well as being recognized by the Pocatello Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations and businesses.

The Newberry Building is adjacent to the Union Pacific Parking Lot which has hundreds of parking spaces available, so parking is great! Other businesses in the area include a Post Office, Restaurants, shops and other services.

Some of the Building amenities include:

*Access to two conference rooms.
- One is normally set up classroom style for presentations (with A/V equipment and 1 large screen)
- The other is very large and can be set up for lectures or large group presentations (with two additional large screens).
- Both rooms can be opened up into one large room that can display presentations on the three screens.
- There has been weddings, receptions, large groups with speakers, had movies with surround sound, banquet meals, recitals, mini-concerts, auctions, dinners, family reunions, business parties, and more.
- There are catering services next door that have very reasonable rates for groups in our building- or use your own.
- There are approximately 40 black chairs and about 15 white and off-white tables available for use.

The Kitchen, located in the larger of the two conference rooms, has an oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, & lots of counter space -- perfect for our catering partners.
- Bathrooms, drinking fountains, two front and one back stairways, and an elevator provide easy access.
- A .pdf of the upstairs floor plan can be obtained HERE. <- This does not show unit #166 broken up into the five separate offices.